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We've worked all over the world... Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Italy, and coast-to-coast in the U.S.

"Talk about 'bang-for-your-buck'... working with FLB MEDIA has paid countless dividends in the RESULTS we get with their videos."

Bob Kolcz, Director Marketing and Communications
Prima Power North America
Arlington Heights, IL

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Major market production.... at Smaller market rates!

High-quality presentations are critical to communicate your message with impact. Your prospects expect broadcast-quality video production and that's where we come in!


"I developed IMPACT Creative Group and FLB MEDIA to provide top quality effective media to any company, any size, in any market, but at a price that makes projects 'do-able' and multiple projects possible within a reasonable budget.

I personally write, shoot and edit most of our projects. My clients like the continuity and consistency that brings to the projects.

(Some production companies have a 'sales guy', who tells a 'writer', who gives a shot list to a 'cameraman', who gives a lot of raw video to an 'editor', who gives a finished video back to the 'sales guy'.)

I have top quality talent, voices, shooters, animators and technicians 'ON CALL'.... NOT on staff!"

Frank L. Bowman
Owner and Creative Director

Since most of our work is on a "project" basis, we don't have to lock in rates by the hour or the half hour. If your project requires a large crew... they'll be there, but if not... then you won't be paying for one. If you need extensive 3-D animation... we'll provide it, but if not.... then you won't be paying for it.

Contact FLB MEDIA to talk about your next video project. Together we will determine the scope of work and arrive at an agreeable project proposal.


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